Factors to Consider in Buying a Record Player


There are so many reasons as to why people in the world today are still stuck the use of the turntables. Many people would wonder why anyone would want to opt for a turntable and yet there are so many modernized forms pf playing the music which are less tedious in playing the music. There are several reasons as to why people would love doing this especially when it comes to the sound quality produced. There is some special warmth that comes from the record players that a normal person would find it so hard to understand. The thing about the record player is that they give a similarity to the live performance of the singer.

When it comes to choosing the right top rated turntables for you, then you must consider a number of these key things. The first thing is definitely the price to be included in this and in which the cost differs in relation to the features of the turn tables. The first thing is to consider the belt drive that are the main thing that spins the platter. This is what prevents the vibrations form interfering with the quality of sound produced and also acts as the shock absorber. The advantage of buying a record player with the belt drive is that it allows the DJ’s to spin the disk backwards and avoid changing the pitch recorded.

Then you have to check the kind of cartridge there is. We have two kinds of the cartridges, the moving magnet and the moving coil. The moving magnet are mainly good record player for those who are working on a low budget since they tend to be less expensive and they do give a good quality of produced. Then we have the moving coil which are the most expensive and they give very clear sound.

Among the two you will find that the coil will require so much attention given to it in its maintenance since they tend to be delicate. Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XrgHuE_jNs for more info about record player.

Then we have the styluses which are fitted into the cartridge also known as the needle on the turntables. They come in two different types, the elliptical and the spherical ones which are mostly chosen according to the kind of music one wants to play. We have people who will want to play a disc nonstop till the end and hate the interruptions and then we have the DJS who will keep turning the disc back and forth.


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